Top Ten Knitting Tips

In this video we will be running through our top 10 knitting tips, handy things we wish we knew when learning to knit!

Tip 1 Which yarn and needles should I use 0:56
Tip 2 How should I hold my needles 2:02
Tip 3 How do I start my second row 3:35
Tip 4 Why should I make a tension swatch 5:26
Tip 5 How do I count my stitches and rows 6:48
Tip 6 I’ve put my knitting down, how do I start again 11:56
Tip 7 How can I pick up a dropped stitch 13:17
Tip 8 How should I join a new ball of yarn 16:15
Tip 9 How do I use a lifeline 18:15
Tip 10 Which is the best way to sew in yarn ends 23:23




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