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Do you love the intricate designs of patchwork quilt projects, but fear mismatched points? Then you’re in luck with Angela Walters’ smart tips to make your piecing shine!

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Want perfect points every time? I’ll show you how, as we complete this playful patchwork quilt project!
Hi, I’m Angela Walters, a quilt designer and an instructor on Craftsy dot com and I am going to show you how to make perfect patchwork points every time. The secret to getting perfect points starts with prep. Pay special attention to your cutting to ensure that you start with the correct size blocks.
This is where the old advice, “measure twice, cut once” comes into play.
Cut slowly and pay attention to the ruler, making sure that the cut stays consistent.
Next, let’s make some half square triangles. Cut two squares that are the same size. Place them right sides together and pin.
Sew a line a 1/4″ from the edge along all 4 sides. Pivot at the corners with the needle in the down position.
Using a quilt ruler, cut from corner to corner twice to make 4 half square triangle blocks. Then press the blocks open and trim the corners even. See how easy that is?
Use pins to hold your blocks together as you piece, it will prevent the blocks from slipping or moving out of place. Be sure to remove them as you go.
When sewing the quilt blocks together, make sure that you have an accurate 1/4″ seams. measuring the seam on a test block is a good way to ensure that you are accurate.
You can also use a 1/4″ sewing foot or a piece of tape to ensure that your seams stay consistent.
Use a scrap piece of fabric as a leader before sewing your blocks, this will prevent the edge of the block from getting warped as you sew.
Ironing also plays a large role in perfect piecing. Use a hot iron and press the seams
….don’t iron back and forth vigorously, or you may warp the block.
Be sure to press each seam before moving onto the next one. Using spray starch will help the seams lay nice and flat.
Nest the pressed seams to ensure that the points line up when assembling blocks. It will guarantee matching points.
There you have it, perfectly pieced points every time!


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