Full Home Interior Decoration

Latest #Interior #designs we have done at Salarpuria greenage, Bangalore.. Usage of extraordinary materials and colors in simple yet unique manner is what …


  1. your kitchen is still looking conjusted , the washing machine is at totally not functional there !! you are giving atleast 10 feet high wardrobes in kids room lol .. wat are you doing !!!

  2. Nice can you suggest anyone in Delhi NCR who can design & execute a 3 storey house area around 12000 sq ft with parking someone with all team ready house is newly made & in raw shape at the moment

  3. Hi… I loved the designs.. especially the color and lighting.. Just wanted to know whether the spot lights are available in LEDs and would they give the same effect. Also please do a video on effective methods to maintain these interiors.. Like tips on cleaning the roof designs.. Thank You :-)

  4. Too much furniture for guest room, i mean who would require that much of space when visiting the family? No need for spotlight above pics in the kid's room, it doesn't give the pics a nice look, also such huge mirror for the kid, for what use?

  5. Nothing special! The kitchen has a gas cylinder which spoils the look, should have placed it in its desired hidden area before making the video! Also washing machines etc do not fit with that color combination in the kitchen! There's far too much improvement required to make this house look woww!

  6. Very well-explained and informative video. It would've been even better had u mentioned which material (MDF, etc) u used for kitchen cabinet, wardrobe sliding doors and cabinets in kids room as well as master bedroom, and what is the type and name of colour on it. And details about kitchen backsplash would have been useful. Also, in next video plz give general tips on which backsplash is best and practical and easy to clean, n still looks good. Thanks. :)

  7. I am from Gujarat and moving to Bangalore next month…I already own a 3Bhk apartment… Just wanted to know that estimated total project coast of the apartment shown in the video…Please also let me know the time frame…tnkx


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