Materials: use any baby yarn and #7 knitting needles or any other materials you might want to use. As long as you make sure is tight enough.
Materials used:
Multiple of 2
yo=yarn over needle.
pass 1=pass next stitch as if to purl.
P= purl
k3tog/bl = knit next 3 stitches together through back loops.
Repeat from * to *
Straight stitch (rows 1 and 2) are done with color 1.
Stitch rows are done with color 2.
Row 1.- Knit the whole row.
Row 2.- Purl the whole row.
Row 3.- K1 *(k1,yo,k1) into same stitch, pass 1*, end with k1.
Row 4.- K1 *pass 1, k3tog/bl*, end with k1.
Row 5.- Knit the whole row.
Row 6.- Purl the whole row.
Row 7.- K1 *pass 1, (k1,yo,k1)* end with k1.
Row 8.- K1,*k3tog/bl, pass1*, end with k1
Repeat these 8 rows until desired length.



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